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Creating Games
for every platform

We have developed custom mobile game software solutions for platforms that range from Mobile Games to PC/ Console to Virtual Reality Devices.

Using Unity as the engine for custom game development, create once and port your game to any current or future platforms.

Unity Engine

With over 6 years experience in Unity game development,
we are fully capable of developing 2D & 3D Games.
Unity speeds up the development time and makes cross platform porting easy.

Concepts & Design

Leave it to our team of Concept artists & 3D designers to create the right environment for your game. From Fantasy art to futuristic, expect creativity as per your concept and pixel perfect artwork from Mighty.

3D Characters
& Animation

Characters are the core of any gaming project. We conceptualize, sketch and bring out the life of the your gaming characters.

2D Characters
Concept & Design

From character sketches, animated graphics, character sprite sheets to tile sets, we take care of the 2D part of your project.

Game GUI & Micro

The Game GUI & structure plays an integral part in user gameplay and player retention.

As a game development company, we focus on creating highly interactive GUI for your game giving it that additional edge.

Real Cash Pool

The real multiplayer game allows real cash matches between players.
Funds are transferred instantly to the winners.

Real Time
Player VS Player

Using real time multiplayer technology, we connected players to enjoy lag free gaming experience.


Stoneage Chef
Time Management

Stoneage chef is a cooking time management game, with a unique design theme based around dinosaurs and pre-historic era.

The project tested our team to the limit and took over 8 months to develop.

Character Creation

Creating the right characters would set the right mood for the game and this was an
important step. For the end customers of the game, we knew that
diversification is an integral element.

200+ Custom models
for Food and Props

With over 100+ Food items the number of variations to be made was a huge challenge which we took on head on


As per the project requirements, players can upgrade the exteriors of the restaurant to increase the skill level of a player.

The exterior required over 10 elements and each element had over 4 variations.

Video Promo & Gameplay


The hidden objects game that is made primarily for 3-5 Age Group. With custom characters created and using 2D artwork over 100 graphic elements with hand created.

2D Elements

The game contains 100 custom rooms and over 1000 hidden objects that have to be found.

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